Six Big Wins

describes the shape of  sustainability and social equity in California after the passage of Senate Bill 375.  Click here for summary.

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Earth House Horizon

Over the past two decades, Earth House has collaborated with a wide range of individuals and institutions to produce and enhance a significant body of books, videos and conferences.
We invite you to review our projects and products with a focus on....

  • Tools for leadership and organizational development
  • Helping local organizations  tell their story
  • Regional Equity  collaboration projects
  • National learning networks
  • Global issues and alliances

Streaming Media

From the Earth House Center streaming media library.

Carl Anthony narrates
Voices from the Community

Sustainable Solutions

Report  from the World Summit 
on Sustainable Development

The mission of Earth House Center
, in Oakland, California, is to build healthy, just, and sustainable communities through education, training and multimedia communication tools. Earth House was founded in 1990 by Dr. Margaret Paloma Pavel and currently conducts local, national and international projects in a variety of print and visual media.

Building a national alliance to restore
opportunity in the Gulf Coast region.

Earth House has worked with a series of environmental sustainability groups in the Pacific Rim, including Cambodia and Japan, and in the US supporting organizations working on issues of health, justice, education, legal services and metropolitan development. Earth House media projects link communication, technology and social advocacy. Dr. Pavel’s educational background includes graduate study at Harvard University and the London School of Economics.

Permaculture garden at Earth House Center

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   Announcing a book series with MIT Press…

Sustainable Metropolitan Communities Books A book series from MIT Press, co-edited by Robert Gottlieb (Occidental College) and M. Paloma Pavel (Earth House). SMC Books explores, documents and supports patterns of metropolitan development designed to alleviate the concentration of poverty and conserve natural resources. Launched in 2005, the series includes:

Growing Smarter: Achieving Livable Communities, Environmental Justice and Regional Equity

Robert D. Bullard Editor

Publication date: 2007

M. Paloma Pavel, Editor

MIT Press, 2009
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