• Consulting: with individuals, groups and organizations
Organizational Development — helping organizations clarify their vision and processes

The Cooperative Communication Skills Emergency Kit 
  • Education: courses, seminars and conferences
BREAKTHROUGH COMMUNITIES — Building Leadership Skills for Sustainable Regions workbook for workshop presented by Carl Anthony and Paloma Pavel at the Regional Equity 08 Summit (2MB)

Breakthrough Communities Multimedia Presentation:

Standard powerpoint accompanying lectures, seminars, and panels; customizable for individual conferences and courses. Download here.
  • Strategic communication planning: analysis and design of issue-related outreach campaigns
Earth House Leadership Center Newsletter
highlighting project’s in process at the Regional Equity 08 Summit
  • Video production: planning, filming, editing and web delivery
  • Audio production: recording, editing and web streaming, from individual talks to entire conferences (in collaboration with Conference Recording Services of Berkeley, CA)
Example of individual recorded talk:
Carl Anthony on Cosmology and Race
Samples from recorded conference:
Advancing Regional Equity — May 2005
  • Book and print media: to tell your story: planning, prototyping, theme and brand development
Random Kindness and Senseless Acts of Beauty — by Anne Herbert, Paloma Pavel and Mayumi Oda.  Twentieth Anniversary Edition. 

YES Magazine — Summer 2005 Issue
Book: Sustainable Metropolitan Communities Books — A book series from MIT Press, co-edited by Robert Gottlieb (Occidental College) and M. Paloma Pavel (Earth House). SMC Books explores, documents and supports patterns of metropolitan development designed to alleviate the concentration of poverty and conserve natural resources. Latest book in the series:  Breakthrough Communities: Sustainability and Justice in the New American Metropolis , edited by M. Paloma Pavel.